1976 Aston Martin V8

Aston Martin and its DB5 is one of the most desirable, iconic and sought after of collectibles which can be which we can attribute to none other than James Bond. The AM V8 on the other hand is equally desirable as it sports the infamous Aston front physique, with the unmistakable grille that even a novice can pick out from across the green. The Aston AM V8 is one of just a few made, 965 series III examples produced, which makes it even more desirable and even more collectible. This was due to a temporary halt in production in 1975. This British beast is in from the Greenwich, Connecticut area and is being dipped in a Jaguar colour (LDL) to give the body just the right look the client is looking for. Hope you enjoy and come back to see the finished work

Matthew Zielenbach